Mercury's $30M Claim Against Synapse & Tabby's $700M Boost

Mercury's $30M Claim Against Synapse & Tabby's $700M Boost
How would Apple power its Financial Features?

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In a notable legal twist in the FinTech world, business banking startup Mercury is asserting its financial interests against Synapse Financial Technologies, its former collaborator.

This conflict has escalated to a claim for a staggering $30 million against Synapse's assets. Mercury's aggressive stance stems from concerns about Synapse’s uncertain future and the necessity to secure potential arbitration awards.

This legal drama unfolded when Mercury, on December 11, initiated an arbitration demand against Synapse, a banking-as-a-service platform. Merely two days later, Mercury took its grievances to the California Superior Court in San Francisco County.

The request, although heavily redacted, was clear in its intent: to freeze at least $30 million of Synapse’s assets. This move, Mercury argues, is crucial to ensure that Synapse can fulfill any financial obligations arising from the arbitration process.

Mercury's legal filing bluntly states the risk: "Without provisional relief, Synapse may liquidate and transfer its assets—or third parties may seize them—long before Mercury can obtain an arbitration award."

This case was first brought to light by Jason Mikula, whose reporting continues to provide critical insights into this evolving situation. For those keen on following this high-stakes financial drama, subscribing to Jason's newsletter is a must.

In another significant development, Tabby, a trailblazer in the Middle East's FinTech scene and one of its first unicorns, has fortified its financial position ahead of a highly anticipated market debut.

The buy-now-pay-later giant has secured an impressive asset-backed credit line, potentially reaching up to $700 million. This strategic financial maneuver is a prelude to Tabby's planned listing in Saudi Arabia.

Further bolstering Tabby's financial prowess, the company expanded its recent funding round to an eye-catching $250 million. This increase comes on the heels of investment from prominent players like Saudi Arabia’s Hassana Investment Co., U.S.-based Soros Capital Management, and Saudi Venture Capital.

These investments have propelled Tabby's valuation beyond the $1.5 billion mark, attracting heavyweight investors including STV, Mubadala Investment Capital, and PayPal Ventures.

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🇸🇦 Saudi’s Tabby gets $700 Million credit line from JPMorgan. The buy-now-pay-later firm also increased a recent funding round to $250 million after adding Saudi Arabia’s Hassana Investment Co. as an investor.

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