Unlocking Payment Insights: Marcel Van Oost & Arthur Bedel's Dynamic Partnership!

Unlocking Payment Insights: Marcel Van Oost & Arthur Bedel's Dynamic Partnership!
Unlocking Payment Insights: Marcel Van Oost & Arthur Bedel's Dynamic Partnership!

Marcel Van Oost is officially partnering with Arthur Bedel to boost Connecting the Dots in Payments...

Marcel Van Oost and Arthur Bedel are entering into a partnership to accelerate the growth of Connecting the Dots in Payments, the payments newsletter. Marcel Van Oost is the Founder of Connecting the Dots in FinTech and an investor focused on the FinTech space. Arthur Bedel is an emerging voice of the Payments industry, currently at Nuvei, and an angel investor focusing on FinTech, Payments, and Sustainability.

What is the main objective of this partnership?

Marcel Van Oost has built a newsletter specifically focused on Payments. Together with Arthur Bedel, they will dive deeper into complex topics payments-related to enable readers to have a better understanding of the payments industry and gain access to the latest updates globally. By joining forces, these two industry voices are looking to broaden their reach by combining their follower base and bringing new content to their readers more frequently.

“I am thrilled to embark on this journey with Arthur Bedel, whose expertise in the payments industry is unparalleled. This collaboration is not just a partnership; it's a fusion of passion and knowledge aimed at demystifying the complex world of payments for our readers. Together, we are committed to delivering insightful, value-packed updates and newsletters on a weekly basis. Arthur's profound understanding of the industry, combined with our shared dedication to excellence, will undoubtedly elevate the quality of content we bring to our audience. I am looking forward to this collaboration as a monumental step forward in our mission to connect the dots in payments, offering our readers an unmatched perspective on the latest developments and trends” Marcel Van Oost.

“I am thrilled to enter into this partnership with Marcel to deliver more value to our readers globally. The payments industry is a fast-moving and extremely innovative space, global yes but very localized still. Payments have an impact on all areas of a business, no matter its size. Enabling people and organizations to understand the real value and impact payments have on their day-to-day is a major goal of ours. By joining forces, we hope to deliver better content across multiple channels and dive deeper into the "what is what" and the "who is who" in payments” Arthur Bedel.

How will this work?

Connecting the dots in Payments... will issue 2 more newsletters a week, every Tuesday and Sunday at 3:00 pm CET, including Arthur Bedel's content on payments-related topics covering Open-Banking, the rise of Embedded Finance and Banking as a Service, Alternative Payment Methods, the Who is Who of Payments, Emerging Trends, Region-specific innovation updates, Summaries of Industry Reports, New Regulations and Business models as well as much more. Don't miss out and sign up today ... to stay updated on all payment news.

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